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Dragon Fist VR Full Body Tracking Setup

Video Tutorial


To use full body tracking in Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu. You will need 2 or 3 trackers e.g. Vive Trackers 3.0 and a setup with base stations to track them. If you have another FBT setup, then as long as the trackers appear in SteamVR then it should work ok.

Tracking is for feet, and waist is optional

SteamVR Setup

In SteamVR, choose Devices > Manage Trackers. Then set your trackers to left foot, right foot and waist (if using). If they don't appear, then make sure they are paired

Once you have chosen these and they are showing in SteamVR, start up the game

In Game Setup

If present and detected, then there should be a message on the main menu saying so, and you should be able to see the trackers in faint orange. Start a game, by pressing play and then choosing a slot or mode (or training chambers) then once you have chosen a character (or continued with one) it will prompt you: "Setup Body Trackers?". Press Yes and you will be taken to the advanced calibrate room.

Walk up to and smash the Full Body Trackers button, then follow the instructions on screen.

Safety Circle

If playing in a limited space, then consider using the safety circle (Options > VR) to keep track of where the centre of your playspace is. You can recentre your playspace using the button within SteamVR

Be Careful!

Use at your own risk! - Be wary of your real life surroundings, keep your playspace and be careful not to kick anything. Also I recommend you warm up a bit before hand.