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Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu

Available on Quest, Steam and Pico Neo

Step into your own kung fu movie inspired by colourful characters inspired by Chinese and Hong Kong martial arts movies across the decades. Whether you fancy playing as an old wise master, or a young gifted female kung fu student, or a shaolin monk, bruce lee inspired character, samurai or a ninja there's bound to be someone for you...

Block attacks with your hands or forearms, or bob and weave, push their arms out the way, or move about, how you fight is up to you. But your opponents might use different strategies also, so you must learn how to foresee their attacks and how best to attack them.

You opponents all have the same controls as you, no advantage, no disadvantage. Except on easier levels they will have less strength - they will also have their speed and intelligence reduced.

Has support for bHaptics (tactsuit, tactosy for feet and arms, tactal for face).

Has support for Full Body Tracking in the SteamVR version - How to Set up Full Body tracking

Meta Quest

View and/or buy the game on AppLab here


View and/or buy the game on Steam here. (Also features a free demo)

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